Lucy’s jewellery journey began in 2017. She took part in a six-week evening course in Bristol whilst pregnant with her first daughter. Inspired by the foundational techniques she learned, she had to put her new skills to one side to focus on motherhood and her long-standing career as a TV producer. After becoming a mother for the first time, she was also moved to become a qualified yoga instructor. It was after the birth of her second daughter, and during the first coronavirus lockdown of the UK in 2020, that she felt compelled to pick up some tools and start exploring the ideas she had been harbouring from that first jewellery course.

Initially having to pack and unpack her equipment every time she wanted to create, she quickly found an affinity for the craft which drove her to pursue it more keenly. Modestly documenting her progress on social media, she soon found support and demand from friends and followers, developed her tool set and embarked on a path of learning through online resources, books and advice from fellow makers. It wasn’t long before she was fulfilling orders and commissions through various online outlets and in-person markets, all balanced in between the demands of life as a mother and a television producer.

Lucy’s inspiration for her work stems from her experiences since becoming a mother, training as a yoga instructor and discovering a creative streak she didn’t realise she possessed. She believes these personal developments and revelations are deeply connected to her experiences of motherhood, and her pieces often reflect elements and symbolism relating to female energy, and yogic and spiritual practices. On an aesthetic level, she focuses on boldly defined forms with an embrace of the natural – the tactile textures and beautiful imperfections which make up the world around us.

Recognising the complexities around working with precious metals and stones, Lucy strives to carry out her practice in as ethical a manner as possible. She uses recycled metal as much as she can, buys British-made tools where possible and only uses fully recyclable packaging to carry her pieces.

While a large portion of her business has grown online, not least during the pandemic years of 2020-21, Lucy loves being able to trade in person, connecting with people while talking about her work and communicating the inspiration and meaning behind a piece. You can find her trading at markets around Bristol and elsewhere.